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  • Sale! 2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner-Handheld Vacuum Car Cleaner Air Duster Wireless Rechargeable Home

    2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner-Handheld Vacuum Car Cleaner


    MINI CORDLESS VACUUM CLEANER RECHARGEABLE WIRELESS VACUUM CLEANER Made in Japan:- Mini Wireless Car Vacuum Cleaner Super Strong Suction 5500 Pa Portable Handheld Auto Vacuum Cleaner for office, car, home is Made in Japan with over 10 Quality Checks & up to 30 minutes of long-lasting battery. Cleans up every hard-to-reach corner of car & home:- All-round cleaning, no dead ends, exquisite design to reach every corner of the home & car. Comes with 4 detachable…

  • Sale! Dish Washer Scrubber with Liquid Soap Dispenser

    Dish Washer Scrubber with Liquid Soap Dispenser

    • PUSH-TYPE LIQUID STORAGE BRUSH : When cleaning, just press the top soft glue to discharge the liquid.
    • UNIQUE DESIGN : The ergonomically designed handle is easy to hold and can be cleaned.
    • SAVE TIME AND EFFORT : The hands are not sticky, do not damage the skin, do not need to wash hands, save time and effort without hurting hands.
    • Pour the cleanser into the capacity tank and press it to deliver it.
    • Convenient fluid release, solid purification, no tacky hands, no skin harm. No compelling reason to wash, save time and exertion without harming your hands and effectively sterilize.
  • Sale! Home Cloud Rubber Bathroom Mat

    Home Cloud Rubber Bathroom Mat (Oval Grey, Medium)

    • STRONG NON-SLIP:The non-slip floor mat is made of PVC+technical velvet, which dries faster than ordinary floor mats. The non-slip rubber bottom is firmly gripped to increase safety and stability.
    • WATER ABSORPTION AND QUICK DRYING:strong water absorption, fast water permeation, no water accumulation. It can quickly absorb water. Keep the floor clean and dry to keep your home comfortable and clean.
    • HIGH-QUALITY FLOOR MATS:help reduce the damage to the floor caused by water spray. High-quality floor mats will not compress over time and can be used continuously for a long time.
    • EASY TO CLEAN:dry quickly with water absorption. When cleaning, you only need to rinse the shower head and clean with a brush or sponge, which saves time and effort.
  • Sale! Silicone Toilet Brush with Holder Slim Flex Toilet Brush

    Silicone Toilet Brush with Holder Slim Flex Toilet Brush


    The brush is easy to clean The brush bristles made of high-quality PP+TPR materials will not cause damage to the glazed toilet. Hair is not easy to entangle and housework is easier It is moderately soft can be bend freely will not scratch the toilet. Even if the brush head cleans the toilet with great…